Format: CD, Vinyl (gatefold, green transparent vinyl), Digital Media

Label: Dark Essence Records

Worldwide release: 21.09.2018

Videos for “Far From Home” and “Liberator”, directed by Costin Chioreanu



1 – Untethered
2 – Liberator
3 – Moonlight Over Silver White
4 – Until You Return
5 – My Will Be Done
6 – Far From Home
7 – Marrow
8 – White Snow, Red Shadows
9 – Stumble On
10 – Waiting To Fall
11 – Tethered


Agnete M. Kirkevaag – vocals
BP M. Kirkevaag – guitars, percussion and vocals
Anders Langberg – guitars
Tormod L. Moseng – bass
Mads Solås – drums, percussion, vocals

“Marrow” was composed and recorded with Richard Wikstrand on guitars

Pedal steel guitar on “Until You Return” and “Marrow”: Thomas Vik

Music by Madder Mortem
Lyrics by Agnete M. Kirkevaag

Recorded at Skytterhuset and Studio Omnivore
Engineered and mixed by BP M. Kirkevaag
Produced by BP M. Kirkevaag and Madder Mortem
Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid

Illustrations by Thore Hansen
Layout by Costin Chioreanu
Band photo by Janne Kim Gitmark