Agnete M. Kirkevaag


Born and bred

Nord Odal, Norway


Founder, 1993


Patton, Dickinson, Hetfield, Annie Lennox, Joey Tempest, Dalbello, Gillian Welch, Bon Scott, Dio, Robert Plant..

Other bands/projects


Appears on:
Winds – Prominence and Demise (2007)

Magenta – Little Girl Lost (Re:Pop, 2002) – Backing vocals on “I Need My Love”
Vidsyn –  “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” (Independent release, 2004) – Backing vocals
Nordagust – “In The Mist Of Morning” (Karisma records, 2010) – Backing vocals
Frantic Bleep –  “The Sense Apparatus” (The End records, 2005) – Backing vocals
Andy Winter – “Incomprehensible” (The End records, 2013). Lead vocals on “Reversed Psychological Patterns”

Favourite Madder tune(s)

Under Another Moon, Traitor’s Mark, Faceless, Hypnos, Winterview, Resolution, Jitterheart, Pitfalls.