All Flesh Is Grass

Format: CD

Released on Century Media records, February 19th, 2001.



1. Breaker Of Words
2. To Kill And Kill Again
3. The Cluster Children
4. Ruby Red
5. Head On Pillow
6. Turn The War On
7. 4 Chambers
8. Ten Times Defeat
9. Traitor”s Mark


Agnete M. Kirkevaag – Vocals
BP M. Kirkevaag – Guitars, voice and percussion
Eirik Ulvo Langnes – Guitars
Paul Mozart Bjørke – Bass, keys and vocals
Mads Solås – Drums, percussion and vocals

Additional musician:
Lennart Glenberg-Eriksson – violin on Traitor’s Mark

Music by Madder Mortem.
Lyrics by Agnete, except “4 Chambers” by Tord Nygjelten

Recorded in Studio Underground, Västerås, Sweden, October 2000. Engeneered by Pelle Saether and Lars Lindén. Mixed by Pelle Saether.

Mastered by Ulf Horbelt at DMS, Marl, Germany Produced by Madder Mortem and Pelle Saether

Coverart by Christian Ruud. Bandphotos by Jacob Kirkevaag and Sebastian Ludvigsen