A documentary on Madder Mortem. Directed by Randy M. Salo.


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HOWL OF THE UNDERDOGS is a film that seeks to explore the emotional undercurrent of one bands unique music and the inner life of their enigmatic singer. With a no-holds-barred, teeth-baring resolve to be honest, the band and especially singer Agnete open up entirely to the filmmakers about their struggles and triumphs, both as a band and people.

The film brings together cinema verité shot during preparation for Madder Mortem’s 20th Anniversary concert immerse the audience into the emotional journey that Agnete finds herself on during the course of the film. In addition, the film combines breathtaking images from the rural Norwegian landscape as well as home videos, concert footage and family archives, which the band have meticulously collected.

Over 20 interviews from journalists, fans, neighbors and the band help define the band and their one of a kind music and story.