Eight Ways

Format: CD & Digital release

Label: Peaceville

Released on Peaceville records June 16, 2009

Video for “Armour”, directed by Arnfinn Moseng & Negar Bagheri
Video for “Where Dream And Day Collide”, directed by Christian Ruud & Kim Holm



1 . Formaldehyde
2. The Little Things
3. Armour
4. Resolution
5. A Different Kind Of Hell
6. The Riddle Wants To Be
7. Where Dream & Day Collide
8. The Flesh, The Blood & The Man
9. Get That Monster Out Of Here
11. All I Know
12. The Eighth Wave


Agnete M. Kirkevaag – Vocals
BP M. Kirkevaag – Guitars, vocals, mandolin
Odd E. Ebbesen – Guitars
Tormod L. Moseng – Bass & double bass
Mads SolĂ„s – Drums, vocals & percussion

All music by Madder Mortem
All lyrics by Agnete M. Kirkevaag

Eight Ways was recorded, mixed and mastered between 04.06.08 – 17.12.08

Drums recorded at Skytterhuset
Bass and guitars recorded at Loppa
Vocals recorded at Huseby

Produced by Madder Mortem
Engineered and mixed by BP M. Kirkevaag
Mastered By Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, California, U.S.A

Cover idea, art and design by Christian Ruud, our visual wizard