3 months ago

A year ago, we were in Groningen - how time flies! Fun fact: Agnete still has a drink token from the Lola in her wallet :)

4 months ago
Madder Mortem - Mercury (20th Anniversary Edition) - chronique

A wonderfully written review of the "Mercury" anniversary release (at least as far as I can tell from GoogleTranslate ... :) ). Thanks to COREandCO webzine!

4 months ago

Absolutely thrilled and honored to have the amazing Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag from the legendary Madder Mortem be a part of the upcoming Autumn Tears album! 😊

5 months ago
Madder Mortem

We're busy cooking up new songs and projects, so we're a little quieter on social media right now. But in the meantime, "Liberator" deserves a bit of a re-run for the equinox! :)

5 months ago

If you still have a gaping void in your album shelf where "Marrow" should be, check out this 24 hour offer from DARK ESSENCE RECORDS!

5 months ago

Agnete is in Munich to work our documentary project, and got the chance to revisit the Progcast guys to talk about the anniversary gig and music. Good times!

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