2 days ago

Did we already share this? Nevermind, we like what they're saying ... Italy should probably be our next home country, at this rate!

2 days ago
Abismo Blogzine

Intie! Read what she said ... ;)

6 days ago
Madder Mortem – Marrow

Here's a nice review in Dutch from Zware Metalen and Marco Paasman!

1 week ago
Recenze | MADDER MORTEM - Marrow (2018) | Hard Music Base

A new review of Marrow from the Czech Republic!

1 week ago
WOM Flash Reviews - Madder Mortem - "Marrow"

A new review in Portugese from WOM!

1 week ago
Albums Of The Year 2018 ⋆ Ave Noctum

"Marrow" popping up on this best-of-2018 list from Ave Noctum - thank you!

1 week ago
The Progspace

Look! We made The Progspace's 2018 list, too! Thanks, guys!

1 week ago
Metal Hammer writers pick their top 20 albums of 2018

Not sure if we shared this, but heck, the company's good, so ...!

1 week ago
2018: Våre favorittlåter - Norske - disharmoni

Norwegians loving "Far From Home" ... as do we!

2 weeks ago
Ferrous Beuller's and GardensTale's Top Ten of 2018 | Angry Metal Guy

"Marrow" made it to the top of this 2019 list - thank you so much to Angry Metal Guy!

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