5 days ago
Madder Mortem - "Vigil" (Official video)

«Vigil» is quite a special song, and we're happy to be able to put it here on Facebook for you. As one of the bonus tracks for our Mercury re-release, the main riff was written in the early 90s, ... See more

5 days ago
Madder Mortem - "Mercury" re-release - Behind The Release: Ch. 3 - He Who Longed For The Stars

Chapter three of this series is all about the first single from the re-release, "He Who Longed For The Stars".

Bonus points to any Madder fan who can name the song that you can hear BP and Anders ... See more

6 days ago

We're a bit slow, but we'd still like to share this nice little piece of writing from NO CLEAN SINGING:

1 week ago
Fleetburner Vocalist Search

Our friend Kevin is on the hunt for a singer for his new band, Fleetburner_Official. We toured with Kevin in May, when he was filling in with Vulture Industries, and he's a great guitar player, very ... See more

1 week ago
Summer Breeze, Madder Mortem + 4 years of Agent Fresco's Destrier

Want to know more about our brand new video for "Vigil", produced by Freqstv / Stewis Media? Check out this episode of the Progcast from The Progspace, and hear it straight from director Randy M. ... See more

1 week ago
Subterranea Mag

Are you ready? Subterranea Mag / Louder is now premiering our new video for "Vigil"!

While preparing for the 20th anniversary celebration of our first album, Mercury, we have for the first time ... See more

1 week ago
Madder Mortem - "Mercury" re-release - Behind The Release: Ch. 2 - Recording

Here's the second installment of our series taking you behind the scenes at the recording of the bonus tracks for the "Mercury" re-release! This time, we're looking into the recording ... See more

2 weeks ago

As some of you may know, we're working on a documentary project with the awesome people from Freqstv / Stewis Media. They recently spent a week with us here in Nord-Odal kommune, and here's a little ... See more

2 weeks ago
Dark Side Of Metal

Some Madder Music coming up for you on the Dark Side Of Metal tonight!

2 weeks ago
Madder Mortem - "Mercury" re-release - Behind the Release: Ch. 1: Ancient History

We're back from holiday, and we're kicking off by starting a new little series to celebrate the upcoming "Mercury" re-release! After the great feedback from our Thursday Tattles earlier, we've made a ... See more

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