1 week ago

Madder tourists in Bergen! Kent did a hell of a job temping for Mads yesterday, can't wait to get started in Bucuresti on April 25th!

2 weeks ago
Black Dog

For the Paris people!

2 weeks ago
Madder Mortem: “Sweating blood to serve the Beast”

Here's a very different project, one of the most unusual we've heard about when it comes to our music:

Ormeny Francisc is writing a study on our music and lyrics - in a philosophical perspective! ... See more

3 weeks ago
The Freqs Progcast, presented by The Progspace, Episode 008 | The Progspace

Check out this podcast from Freqs TV! Presented by our friends at The Progspace and featuring some Madder as well :)

1 month ago

thanks guys! your concert in Trondheim was amazing!

1 month ago
Madder Mortem - Promo - Strange Rain Tour 2019

In less than a month, we are back on the road! We'll be sharing the stage with Vulture Industries and Helheim, bringing the strangeness of Norway to Europe. We'll also be joined by Caelestia from ... See more

1 month ago

Hey I've lost half gallon and Dora the explorer where are they

1 month ago
Agnete sings "Revelations" by Iron Maiden

The fourth instalment in our crowdfunding karaoke series, here's a classic from a classic band, brought to you by Markus Holisch: "Revelations" by Iron Maiden. And Agnete thinks it's an honour to get ... See more

1 month ago
Agnete sings "Photosynthetic" by Letters Written On Dead Leaves

Here is the third outcome from the karaoke perk from our crowdfunding campaign last year. Commissioned by long-time Madder fan Guillaume Dallery, this is a cover of a song from his band, Letters ... See more

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