1 month ago
Les Eternels

Another very interesting review for our French readers, connecting some lines from our back catalogue to Marrow - thank you, Aurélien, for sticking with it ;)

1 month ago
Madder Mortem – Marrow Review

A moving and well-written review here from Last Rites - thank you, guys!

"Marrow is full of music to fortify your aching bones, even when you feel most frail and vulnerable. That’s the power of ... See more

1 month ago
Agnete - Hard as Love / Marillion Karaoke

Remember the "Sing For Me" perk from our recent crowdfunding campaign?

Here's the first video released from that perk: Agnete singing Marillion's "Hard As Love". A huge thank you to Karstein ... See more

1 month ago
Madder Mortem - Marrow

A new review of "Marrow" from long-time Madder reviewer and friend Kevin Page, who connects "Marrow" to our older albums. Enjoy!

Metal ... See more

1 month ago
Anna Silencer

Check out this beautiful interpretation of "Until You Return" from "Marrow"! Thank you so much, Anna!

1 month ago

Hey, Italy - you're really making us feel the love these days! Another interesting and poetic review, this time from The Pit of The Damned :)

1 month ago
"Liberator" by Madder Mortem - official video

Now also here on Facebook: The official video for "Liberator", taken from our new album "Marrow"!

Video by design genius Costin Chioreanu.

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