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The Heavy Heart

Podcast with lots of interesting music, including some Marrow tracks.


In part two of our September podcast, we share some music from the mighty Madder Mortem and the unique, Zeal & Ardor.

We also give some much-deserved shout-outs to the amazing act He ... See more

4 days ago
Decibel Magazine

Here's a full stream of the album from Decibel Magazine - sink your teeth in the Marrow!

Madder Mortem play progressive metal that is inspired by black metal, while sounding nothing like it, on 'Marrow.'

4 days ago
Madder Mortem – Marrow album review

Today's the day! And here's a review from Metal Hammer UK to kick it off. Happy first birthday, Marrow!

Long-running dark progressive denizens Madder Mortem find a higher gear with Marrow

4 days ago
Norway Rock Magazine

It's rewarding to be a Madder these days! Here's another review, this time in Norwegian, written by the legendary mr Larzen for Norway Rock Magazine. Thank you, guys!

Madder Mortem slipper sitt nye album "Marrow" i morgen, og det store spørsmålet er selvsagt om de har klart å toppe den lett briljante forrige skiva ”Red In Tooth And Claw”. Finn ut her.

4 days ago
Thursday Tattles 8th Edition

The time has come for the final edition of Thursday Tattles. This time around, we're talking about the differences between our previous album "Red In Tooth And Claw" and the upcoming ... See more

5 days ago

For our Italian readers: A new review from!

(Dark Essence Records) I norvegesi Madder Mortem sembrano essere tornati in piena attività! Dopo una lunga pausa riemersero con “Red In Tooth And Claw” (recensione qui) ed ora un altro album a ... See more

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Another great review from!

Madder Mortem
@Luc Ghyselen

1 week ago
Review Madder Mortem/Marrow - Jakob Ehmke

New review from!,33781.html

Eine der größten Überraschungen 2018!

1 week ago

For all you guys who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign: We're in the process of packing and and shipping out the perks - more info to come via Indiegogo updates!

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