2 weeks ago
DutchMetalManiac End Of Year Lists 2018

More "Marrow" on end-of-the-year lists - this time from Dutch Metal Maniac. Thank you!

2 weeks ago
The Best Of 2018 - Rock'n'Roll Journalist

Marrow on this "Best of 2018" by Rock'n'Roll journalist Daniel Sywala - thank you!

2 weeks ago
Elvaan Ibanfure

It's so nice to see how much the "Marrow" cover stands out in a line-up - and very nice that the album gets so much love from all over!

2 weeks ago
Madder Mortem - Marrow | Review

Happy New Year!

We took a bit of a break for the holidays, but we're back online with A LOT of reviews and best-of-2019-lists to post, so let's start with this one from

1 month ago
Photos from Madder Mortem's post

So, the Madders have returned to our snow-covered woods after our first ever headliner tour - a little tired, but very satisfied! A big round of thank-yous is in order:

First and foremost: Thank you ... See more

1 month ago
The Night Of The Living Dead

Some Madder coming up on the radio for you in Italy!

1 month ago
Crítica del CD de MADDER MORTEM - Marrow

Another great review, this time in Spanish. It's so nice to see that Marrow is hitting home with a lot of people!

1 month ago
Bändi on tehnyt parhaan levynsä – arviossa Madder Mortem -

Review in Finnish - thanks to Inferno magazine for the book comparison, warms the heart of a reading band :)

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