2 weeks ago

We've been a bit quiet for a while - but we've been VERY busy! We're working on a documentary project with Randy M. Salo and Blake Lewis from Freqstv / Stewis Media, and last week was a very intense ... See more

1 month ago
Autumn Tears

Agnete is stepping out! She'll be featured on the upcoming album of the legendary Autumn Tears, who describe themselves as a "unique, organic fusion of classical music, cinematic score and world ... See more

1 month ago
The Progspace

Oh, you'd like to listen to some quality talking about great bands? Try this one out :)

1 month ago
The Progspace

Photos and review from the gig at the Konfus in Esbjerg on the Strange Rain Tour with Caelestia, Helheim and Vulture Industries, courtesy of friends at The Progspace!


1 month ago

It's a year today since our crowdfunding campaign - what an amazing year it has been!

We've released "Marrow"

1 month ago
Madder Mortem - Announcing the re-release of "Mercury"

Finally, the day we have been working towards since our crowdfunding campaign is here: The first single and the release date for the "Mercury" re-release is out!

Hear the single "He Who Longed For ... See more

1 month ago

Finally! Here is what we've been working on for over a year! We'll be back with more details and backstory later today, but for now, here's the info on where to get it - and where to hear the first ... See more

1 month ago
Vulture Industries, Helheim, Madder Mortem @ Budapest, Vörös Yuk, 2019.04.27.

New interview in Hungarian from RockStation, done in Budapest while on the Strange Rain tour. Enjoy!

1 month ago
Madder Mortem - Preparing for anniversary gig with Boye

It’s been almost 20 years since he left the band, but Boye Nyberg, Madder founding member and “Mercury” bass player is coming back for our anniversary gig! Here’s a little video of BP and ... See more

2 months ago
Madder Mortem - 20th Anniversary for "Mercury"

For our special anniversary gig, we’re once again working with Costin Chioreanu to give the show a unique visual element. He is creating a series of paintings inspired by Madder Mortem show, and ... See more

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