2 weeks ago
Metal It -

Another review in Italian - and this one was VERY tough on Google translate :)

2 weeks ago
Hell OnlYne

The Madders on the radio for you :)

2 weeks ago

Nice merch shot from Lee!

2 weeks ago

Hey guys!! The print arrived last week to accompany the new vinyl, it’s fantastic!!! Thank you soooo very much, it’s all incredible....and the new album, astoundingly good.....!!

3 weeks ago
Come see us live at Teateret, Kristiansand, Nov 17th 2018!

Madder Mortem på Teateret

På besøk i Kristiansand med ny plate i sekken og et friskt livesett - dette blir storveies!

DARK ESSENCE RECORDS | Graviton Music Services | Teateret

3 weeks ago

For Finnish fans: Pick up the newest copy of Inferno mag and catch a Madder intie!

3 weeks ago
How would the Madders sound with a different singer?

Anybody who wondered about what it'd be like to spend a weekend with us? Well, the amazing Gry Sharp decided to find out, with the "Far From Home" perk from our crowdfunding campaign.

Though she ... See more

3 weeks ago

Double trouble - two reviews in one posting! Here's a reference to one of Agnete's fave female singers as well - good job!

3 weeks ago
DPRP • CD & DVD Reviews • Issue 2018-070

Hey Madders, here's another one - nay two! - raving reviews of Marrow. Late but still :)

Cheers and thanks for the great music!

3 weeks ago
Madder Mortem - Marrow - disharmoni

Another review, one for the Norwegians this time - thanks to!

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