2 days ago
Agnete sings "Revelations" by Iron Maiden

The fourth instalment in our crowdfunding karaoke series, here's a classic from a classic band, brought to you by Markus Holisch: "Revelations" by Iron Maiden. And Agnete thinks it's an honour to get ... See more

4 days ago
Agnete sings "Photosynthetic" by Letters Written On Dead Leaves

Here is the third outcome from the karaoke perk from our crowdfunding campaign last year. Commissioned by long-time Madder fan Guillaume Dallery, this is a cover of a song from his band, Letters ... See more

3 weeks ago

Exciting things in the works here ... and Randy M. Salo is helping us making some plans come true. Stay tuned for more news soon!

1 month ago

What a nice suprise! Thank you all 🤗

1 month ago

Elgdansen fremføres på Evenstad i forbindelse med elgfeiden med Canada.

1 month ago

Thank you, Botanist!

1 month ago

Underdog has arrived!! 😍

1 month ago

Congratulations. You made it on Position nbr 2 on my last years spotify playlist and you are in excellent company. Thanx for plenty of hours full of joy 🙏

1 month ago
The Best Alternative Metal Album - Metal Storm Awards 2018 - Metal Storm

We've been nominated for this year's Metal Storm Awards!

If you love "Marrow" as much as we do, follow the link below to give your vote - and feel very free share this post, too!

1 month ago

Nice review of Marrow in Polish - enjoy!

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