2 days ago

Our hard-to-find debut album "Mercury" is 20 years old this year! When and where did you first hear it? Or how did you get your copy?

We wil have lots of exciting anniversary news coming up for you ... See more

5 days ago
The Progspace

Photos from our recent gig in Hamburg!

1 week ago
Madder Mortem - Strange Rain Tour Diary - Day 10: Dresden

The last day of tour ... always kind of sentimental and a little bit sad. This video features some cowbell, a two-man film crew from Freqstv, an interview with sound engineer Edmond, and the amazing ... See more

1 week ago
MADDER MORTEM - Marrow | Review bei Stormbringer

New "Marrow" review from - thanks! We love that you take time to really get into the music ;)

2 weeks ago
Madder Mortem - Strange Rain Tour Diary - Day 8 and 9: Hamburg and Esbjerg

We didn't have time to film a lot in Hamburg, so we've combined the gigs at the Logo Hamburg and the Konfus in Esbjerg into one diary episode. This episode will give you stage tactics, a massage ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from Madder Mortem's post

We're back home from the Strange Rain Tour, and man, what a ride! We'll give you a properly sentimental end-of-tour video once we've got all our tour diaries out, but for now, here's what we all ... See more

2 weeks ago

What a lovely band of maniacs!

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